21 Nov 2015

Want to protect your genetics? Don’t sell anything yet, grow and develop.

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Trey Reckling, Science of Cannabis Institute

Reggie Gaudino, vice president for scientific operations and director of intellectual property at Steep Hill Labs spoke last week at their location in Tukwila. People fortunate enough to be in the  crowd were reminded that the big corporations, from pharma to genetics and more, are patiently waiting on the sidelines of the cannabis industry for now. They are waiting for the federal rescheduling of the plant to be changed from what is now schedule 1, which unjustifiably classifies cannabis as highly addictive and showimng no accepted medical use. He cautioned the audience of growers/scientists/business owners that anything strain sold for one year on the market is no longer eligible for a patent. Many of the strains that are now popular in the marketplace will be open source. His advice? “Grow your butts off,” work on developing genetics as deep as 20 generations to build stability and increase eligibility for patent protection. That is what will be valuable, that is what will provide consistent reliable product.

Dr. Gaudino took the opportunity to plug a new Steep Hill product GenKit
Increase efficiency in seed-based cultivations. GenKit can help you identify males quicker, as early as the first leaf. By sacrificing a small leaf punch, their lab can tell you if the plant is a male. This allows breeders to cull plants early before growers spend unnecessary resources and time waiting to ID them.

This was the first in the Winter lecture Series presented by Steep Hill Washington. If this was indicative of the level of knowledge and engagement we can look forward to, don’t miss the next dates. Request a seat for the series: Toby@Steephill.com

Thanks Steep Hill, looking forward to more!



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