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29 Nov 2015

Indica vs. Sativa, What’s Right for You?

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Indica vs. Sativa, What’s Right for You?

The answer to this question depends much upon the user and his/her intention in using cannabis.

These two species are often identified by their appearance or morphology. Sativa is long leafed, tall growing and is believed to have originated in China. Indica, is a shorter frame with a shorter, wide leaf thought to have originated in Afghanistan or approximately so.

Sativa is known to deliver an uplifting and even energetic high. It has been described as a more cerebral high and is popular with people for daytime or more outgoing social use. Indica is known for its heavier intoxication and body affect. “Couch lock” is often blamed on heavy indicas, while some people who suffer from insomnia benefit from the same effect, allowing for sleep.

Hybrids are common and allow a user to find the sweet spot between these two species, benefiting from the diverse effect and genetic qualities each has to offer.

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