29 Nov 2015

What are cannabinoids?

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Cannabinoids are a group of compounds found exclusively in the cannabis plant. Approximately 90-100 known cannabinoids have been identified so far. They are a subset of Terpenoids, which are chemicals that give all plants characteristics of smell and color. There are thousands of terpenoids, providing the smells we know in everything from pine trees to cloves to citrus. Terpenoids are also of great interest to medical marijuana patients because of their medicinal properties, affecting inflammation, pain and insomnia to name a few. THC has been the most popular cannabinoid because of its known psychoactive properties. During cannabis prohibition, cannabis was selectively bred to build up THC potency. Other cannabinoids were often undervalued and even neglected. However, they are under a spotlight of great public interest. Ongoing research will teach us a great deal more about other valuable cannabinoids and their properties in years to come.

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