About SCI

Who We Are

We are the Science of Cannabis Institute.

The Science of Cannabis Institute was created to prepare professionals to work and succeed in the booming legal cannabis industry. As a SCI student, you’ll learn from and engage with the best in the business as SCI educates, inspires and motivates the next generation of cannabis professionals.  Through our in-state seminars and online learning platform, we’re leading the revolution in the cannabis workplace.  Join us!



Why Education?

The legal cannabis industry is rapidly growing and evolving.

Expert, real-world education is essential to getting ahead in today’s highly competitive cannabis marketplace. Our staff and faculty have more than 25+ years of higher education teaching and training experience, and proven track records of success in both the medical and retail markets.  Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned professional, SCI will give you the knowledge, network and tools to succeed in the cannabis workplace. All SCI graduates receive certification and a professional recommendation from SCI experts upon the successful completion of each course.


Our Students

SCI students are highly diverse, passionate about cannabis, and motivated to succeed in this growing new industry.

As a SCI student, you’ll learn and interact with a diverse array of fellow cannabis enthusiasts. Our students include college grads, business leaders, skilled laborers, craftsmen, artists and hobbyists from across the country and around the world. And while we come from diverse backgrounds, we share a common passion for educating ourselves on the amazing scientific benefits and nuances of cannabis, and for learning more about the challenging state-by-state regulations that govern this exciting new industry.

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Learning about cannabis is fun!

We believe that your cannabis education should be fun, interactive and rewarding.

The people behind the Science of Cannabis Institute are a family of like-minded experts and enthusiasts dedicated to building a strong, successful and socially impactful and beneficial industry. We have fantastic cannabis connections and friends across the country, and we want you to meet each other! As an SCI alumnus, you are distinguished as being knowledgeable in specific areas in the field; certified to work in any number of positions within the cannabis industry; and part of a network of like-minded professionals across the country. Get educated. Get certified. Get employed.

Note: SCI students must be 21 years of age by the day of their first class session.


Testing and Timelines

Earn credit for what you already know, and learn what you don’t!

We believe that completion of each SCI course in the series (Cannabusiness 101, 201, 301 and Masters) is the best way to become fully informed and stay current on this growing and evolving industry, but we understand and appreciate that some students will come to us already armed with significant life experience. Some of you may simply be seeking recognition for your industry knowledge and want to be certified as a professional in your area of expertise. If this describes you and you believe you can pass the certification exam(s) without enrolling, SCI can help here as well. Please contact us to learn more.


High Standards

We’re the pioneers in high-quality cannabis education and training, and we want you to be completely satisfied!

SCI adheres to the highest academic standards and is committed to best practices and continuous improvement. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and welcome and encourage your feedback. Please contact us immediately with any issue, concern or complaint so that we may quickly remedy the situation.



While The Science of Cannabis Institute by law cannot guarantee our graduates employment in a cannabis-regulated or related business, our mission is to educate and train the best professionals in the industry. Because we are confident that you will be a much stronger job candidate once you have taken our classes and mastered the course materials, as part of the SCI community we often connect graduates with our industry contacts, associates and employers in markets across the country.

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