A nationally renowned breeder, photojournalist, and consultant in the legal cannabis industry, Tyler has been growing cannabis in a vast array of production methods since the mid-1990s. His focus is on low-input, biodynamic, and integrated pest management production systems. Tyler studied Organic Agriculture & Philosophy while working in the Molecular Plant Science Department at Washington State University, where his research on the AHL gene set of the Arabidopsis thaliana plant won awards and earned Tyler valuable experience in large-scale greenhouse management techniques. In 2010, he co-established Allele Seeds Research, the first state licensed non-profit network of medical cannabis growers, researchers and breeders in Eastern Washington. Tyler’s cannabis breeding and photojournalism work has been published in multiple grow books and distributed internationally by Green Candy Press. An expert on cannabis supply chain management and production processes, his research has been featured in publications including the New York Times, High Times, The Northwest Leaf, The Oregon Leaf, Culture Magazine, Ladybud, and The Virgin Island Times, among many others.