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Welcome to The Science of Cannabis Institute

Retail Cannabis Customer Service Specialist

Budtender Staff Training

This course is designed as a primer for entry into the cannabis workplace. We introduce students to the history of the cannabis plant, legalization, and the state of the industry as barriers to entry are removed. We discuss the plant, including its physiology, chemistry, active ingredients and varied methods of production and ingestion. We cover the legalities and what it takes to get into the business. And we offer customer service tips specific to the cannabis industry including our secret sales sauce: The Science of Cannabis Institute W.E.E.D. Sales Skills. Join us to get certified and get started in the remarkable cannabis industry!

Section 1The Basics of Customer Service
Lecture 1The Basics of Customer Service
Lecture 2W.E.E.D. Cannabis Sales Skills
Lecture 3Conflict Resolution
Section 2Retail Best Practices
Lecture 4Retail Best Practices
Lecture 5Security
Section 3Cannabis Basics
Lecture 6Meet the Cannabis Plant
Lecture 7Active Compounds in Cannabis
Lecture 8Cannabis Usage and Effects
Lecture 9Cannabis Product Recommendations